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Today St. Karen’s Secondary School prides itself in celebrating its Silver Jubilee; twenty–five years since its inception. It is a milestone of an event in the annals of this school. As its co-founder in reminiscence a nostalgic wave of memories sweep my mind.

25 years ago a vacant house on Bailey Road, Patna, of one Mr. B.N. Chaudhary, I.A.S. attracted my attention as I drove past in my black Ambassador car. It drew my attention with an inspiration to rent it for the inception of St. Karen’s Secondary School. With the academic assistance of my wife Lesley Barbara Galstaun and my eldest daughter Karen we dropped anchor at this bay to sow the seed of the Montessori wing, which within a short span of a quarter of a century has now grown into a giant, towering oak; blooming fully, and making resonating waves of recognition and gaining much applause.

Its gradual climb from a mere Montessori School, to a Secondary School and then its final ascent to the Higher Secondary level was never a bed of roses. There were plenty of thorns and thistles along the way; making it a near Calvary at times. Having endured the repeated setbacks and galling moments of disappointments and daunting strictures and stipulations has been a herculean task. However, now, successfully having come through the tunnels of ordeals in the labyrinth of its growth makes St. Karen’s Secondary School’s stance a historic one today.

It stands magnificently poised like a lighthouse, offering the youth not just a Safe–Beacon of pursuit of education, but a plethora of light of knowledge of an incandescent nature assuring its students a very wholesome holistic education manning them efficiently well to combat the challenges and not only to triumph but to etch for themselves a prominent place in the Sun of Glory.

In short; “To Shine To Outshine.”

I take the opportunity on this august occasion to convey my regards and salutations to the Principals, present and past, the Teachers, Students and Staff for contributing generously, gallantly, and steadfastly, respectively in their various fields the rich glories of which we are harvesting today.

Indeed the historic events, and the tide of events with the passage of time have created for the school a memorable tapestry for its alumni and posterity………. “Silver threads among the Gold!!!!”

And so, moving on from here, into a new era, we are confident that St. Karen’s Secondary School, building upon its varied experiences and acme achievements they’ll blaze the trail elegantly transforming it into:-